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Welcome to Mr. Fox’s Grade 5 class website for the 2016-2017 school year.
From here you can find current information about what is going on in our classroom, view assignments, due dates and notes that have been sent home. It will also be a place for students to show off work from class and share their ideas with the world.
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As always important notes will still come home as a paper copy or through the email address you’ve provided to the school.

Mr. Fox

Health: Food Journals Sorting

Students completed a 3-day food journal for homework this past week.
Now they’ve been asked to make a chart and sort the food into the 4 food groups & an other category based on the Canada Food Guide.

Once completed answer the following questions.

  1. Which food groups do you feel that you don’t get enough of? Explain.
  2. Create a plan and a list of foods you want to try to eat more of to help with a well balanced diet.

Due: Dec. 8th

Colour Wheel Collage

Goal: I can create my own colour wheel using colours found in magazines to represent the colours.

I can use appropriate colours to represent the colour wheel.
I can cut out pieces of magazine that match the specific colours.
I can put the colours in the appropriate place on the wheel.
I can neatly display my colour in a wheel form.


Government Responsibilities Assignment

Goal: Students will create a poster, pamphlet, brochure or booklet explaining various jobs the 3 levels of government provide.


  • I can draw/list important services & write a sentence explaining what the service does.
  • I can include enough services (more than 4)
  • I can organize them according to the level responsible.
  • I can display them in an organized (neat) & interesting way.
  • I can use proper spelling/grammar.
  • I can use colour to make it visually appealing.

Due: Friday Oct. 14th

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